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Sonny James - Young Love tab

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This song was covered by Tab Hunter as well and I posted the tablature for his 
recording. Including the solo. Here it's just the chords. 

C                                       Am
They say for every boy and girl there's just one love in this old world

    F              G          C      Am F G
And I-I-I know I-I-I've found mine

C                                        Am
The heavenly touch of your embrace tells me no one can take your place

F       G          C     Am F G
E-E-E-E-Ever in my heart

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C                Am   F           G      C      Am F G
Young love first love filled with true devotion

C              Am      F          G      C     Am F G
Young love our love we share with deep emotion
[ solo ]

C                                       Am  
Just one kiss from your sweet lips will tell me that your love is real

    F         G              C    Am F G
And I-I-I can feel that it's true

C                          Am
We will vow to one another there'll never be any other

F        G          C   Am F G
Love for you or for me

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