Sons Of Korah - Psalm 3 chords

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Em             Em
Lord, how many are my foes Lord!
A                 Em
Many rise against me!
Em             Em
They say of me God will never
A                    Em
God will not deliver him

E             G
But You are a shield around me
B           Em
You lift my head
E            G
And You will honour me
B           G
You lift my head

Em           Em
I cry to the Lord, He answers 
A             Em
from his holy hill
Em             Em
I lie down and sleep and wake for 
A                    Em
God, he will sustain me

E          G
I will not be affraid 
B               Em
of ten thousand men
E           G
drawn up on every side, 
B          Em
you are my shield

Arise, Lord 
A       E
Deliver me!

Em            Em
Strike all my enemies on the jaw
break the teeth of the wicked one

(in this part you can use the Em/F# chord)

E             G
From the Lord comes deliverance
A                  E
May your blessings fall
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