Sons Of The Pioneers - Blue Shadows On The Trail chords

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wonderful little song i love enjoy :) 

C                   G7
Shades of night are falling
   C                  Dm
As the wind begins to sigh
        C                   G7          C
And the world's silhouetted against the sky

     Dm             C
Blue Shadows on the Trail
Dm   G7   Dm                  C
Blue moon shining through the trees
                C7            F
And a plaintiff wail from the distance
        C        Am     Dm  G7   C     C7
Comes a drifting on the eve-ning breeze

      F         Dm      G7    C
Move along Blue Shadows move along
                   G7                 A7      G7
Soon the dawn will come and you'll be on your way
C                            F   
Until the darkness sheds its veil
Fm          C    Dm             C
There'll be Blue Shadows on the Trail
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