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Soul Asylum - Sometime To Return tab

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 21:32:20 -0500
Subject: Sometime_To_Return Soul_Asylum

This is probably one of their best songs ever and my favorite disc.  This is
the way my band played it so any suggestions or corrections would be
appreciated. Also, if anyone knows all the lyrics let me know.  If you like
this let me know and I post more old Soul Asylum stuff.

-      x2

Verses:  B  A  E  A
B        A        E   B 
Well I ran away, I walked a fine line, a waste of time, no need to find
You will call and I take mine and to remind me I am fine
What you are is what you see and you see me and we can be
Something we can call we.. we are, we are, we are, we are

E    D       C#   B
Doing a what we can
E    D     C#   A
Working wiE      D        C#       G#
I'm begining to understand
E  D     C#      E
It's getting out of hand

Verse 2:
I have seen these do-si-do, I walked upon this road before
Picked it apart for hours and hours and hours
Of turning, tossing, and looking and listening 
To all the fucked up things you do

But you're doing the best you can
With every grain of sand
That's trickling through your hand
Can you catch me if you can

Chorus:   B  E  A  B
B    E  
If someday comes early, comes whipping comes whirling
A                  B  (other guitar plays single B note on e string)
To take you for all you have learned
The tables are turning, your bridges are burning
My destination sometime to return


Verse 3
Throw away calendar and sign up your salamander 
Get up and get down, right in the town and look around
Get up and do something it's your time to choose it, 
do it, do it, do it, do it, do it

Doing the best I can
With or without a plan
I'm taking what I can get
I haven't seen nothing yet

If one day you wake up and find what you make up
Come and find me, come and take me there
Into your illusion, I'll make my intrusion
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere


Solo  B  A  E  A
(same as the intro but an octave higher and some stuff I didn't try to figure

B     A
The hour glass is draining fast, it knows no future holds no past
E     B
And all this to will come to pass, never forever whatever

E  D  C#  B



B  A  E  A for the ending and then the   E  D  C#  B at the end.
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