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Sparks - Screwed Up tab

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Screwed Up

In 1900 you held hands and felt like you'd scored 
In 1910 you'd never need a horse anymore 
In 1920 you could dance 
In 1930 lose your pants 
   G				C
In 1940 you could go to war really soon 
In 1950 you could just be dull and a bore 
   E7                    A    A G
In 1960 set the world on fire 
F        G     C       F
That was then, this is now
    C                G      C 
And nothing's blowin in the wind 

Screwed up, that's the problem 
You're going down, down, down, down, down 
Screwed up, that's your problem 
You're coming unwound wound, wound, wound 
You're wasting time seeking comfort 
from any sight or any sound 
I knew you when you weren't a bit screwed up 
    G					  C      
Now what you got is spreading around 

It really doesn't matter if you know how to sing 
The only thing that matters is the girl that you bring 
So when I saw you sitting there just asking for some curly hair 
I knew that I was getting where I wanted to be 
But someone must have warned you, so it's Anchors Aweigh 
This Johnny's marching home again tonight 
You couldn't leave quietly You had to tell the world and loud 


I'm getting on my nerves I'm getting on my nerves and 
E7                                           A    A G
everything you're throwing at me coming up a curve
F       G     C       F
Swing & miss, Swing & miss 
C                G           C
Swing & miss and then you're out 


by: Josť Duarte
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