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Sponge Cola - In Another Life tab

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Title: In Another Life
Artist: Sponge Cola
Album: Sponge Cola

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Verse I:

Bm                 A     G           A
If your world gets lost,Rest assured I am yours
 G          D      G                  A      
Even for a while, will make it last a million miles

Bm            A       G
Don't ever be afraid life
             A                G                     D       
Has ways of keeping you safe, across this endless stars
G                       A
I'll take you home it won't be long

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Bm                    A                  G
I'm still not used to life, being spent without you
      A                  Bm                A 
Every breathing moment, I'll be counting the days and nights
G             A        G               A      
Till I'm free to fly,free to fly with you by my side

Verse II:(Verse Chords)
On the fields I chase the answers
Been in front of my face
Tomorrow I can see
I live, I breathe for you and me


Bm               A             Bm     A
I hang on to the sound, as your whole day around
Bm             A         Bm        A
Complete and I leap forward from my sleep
 G           A       G        A        
Never let you go, Never close my eyes
G                A            G                A  
As we touch the ground,you I'll protet with my life

(Verse Chords)
If your world gets lost, rest assured I am yours
I'm still not used to life, being spent without you every
breathing moment, I'll e counting the days and nights
Till I'm free to fly, free to fly with you by me side.

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