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Sponge Cola - Step Back tab

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Title      :	Step Back
Artist     :	Sponge Cola
Album      :	Sponge Cola

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G                      Em
What was I supposed to say?

  G                                       Em
When I look bak, there never was an easier way

 G                                                 Em
I want to take back, the day I said "it's time to leave"

G                                             Em
Had to get back, another time for me to make believe

When we started the song, We were reckless and ree
Just a will and a want

For a world we though was meant to be

It's now that I see (it's now that I see)

When the music was done, Was it all just a game?
All the days we had won, Now a long lost memory,

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 G           D     
I must have left without you, 

 C             D
Just when I thought I found you,

G            D            C
I must have left without you

Verse II: (Do Verse Chords)
Takes a steo back, there's something else I want to say
Always just another better day when I came back
You never left this avenu, now I look back
Yesterday we never had to

And I know that it's gone
Noting's ever the same
Not a face or a name, Just a long lost memory

(repeat chorus)


 G                C
All it takes is one one small step

 G            C            G     
To fall back into time, Ours was done

    C                    G              C
What a lost and won, we just ran out of time

Still I'm drawn to the flame, and the feelings remain
But the fire for the night's now a long lost memory

(Repeat chorus)

(Do Stanza Chords)
Still I know every sng by heart, I sing it
Still I know every sng by heart, I sing it

/   RoCk En RoLL   \
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