Stan Rogers - Harris And The Mare chords

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"Harris and the Mare" by Stan Rogers from the live album

	Unusual chords: D9 = D but open 1st string
			X = 320000
			Y = 200200
	Capo Fret 1

	Intro: E 	E	E  (fingerpicking insanity)

	D9                              A                 E
	Harris, my old friend, good to see your face again
	     A	                                      B7
	More welcome, though, yon trap and(??) that old mare
	        A                                     E
	For the wife is in a swoon, and I am all alone
	X             Y	                    E
	Harris, fetch thy mare and take us home...

    This basically repeats throughout the song, and the vocals and fingerpicking are 
hard, listen to it.
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