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Stan Rogers - Love Letter chords

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Now here's a picture of me

       G            Em

Writing you a love letter,

D              B                   E            A

To make me feel better, 'cause I'm so far from home.


Now it seems like forever

      G            Em

Since the last time I saw you,

D                         B             E    A      D

And I'd sure like to call you, 'cause I feel so alone.

Each Verse follows this format.


Bm                        F#

Now every telephone says "Hold the line,"

G                            A            D

Like the preachers did, when I was just a kid.

Bm                                            F#
And it's strange how it still touches me after all this time,

Em                                                A                 

They said "Keep your light shining brightly," And I just can't take it lightly,


 I'm still trying to find it.

Hopefully, from this, you can figure the rest out. 
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