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Stan Rogers - Three Fishers chords

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This haunting version of Three Fishers was arranged by Garnet Rogers, and included on 
his brother Stan's For the Family album.

Standard Tuning, capo 2

Picking pattern:
  Am              Amsus2

Am   Amsus2   Am   Amsus2

Verse 1:
      Am           Amsus2      F        G
Three fishers went sailing out into the west,
    Am       Amsus2      Em       G
Out into the west as the sun went down,
     F              F          C             G
Each thought on the woman that loved him the best,
        Am             Amsus2        F          G
And the children stood watching them out of the town,

    C        C        F          G
For men must work and women must weep,
            Am        Amsus2   Em      G
For there's little to earn and many to keep,
        F       F      Am    G
And the harbour bar be moanin',
    Am      F      G     C
The harbour bar be moanin'.

Verse 2:
Three wives sat up in the lighthouse tower,
They trimmed the lamps as the sun went down,
And they looked at the squall and they looked at the shower,
And the night wrack came rollin' in, ragged and brown.


Verse 3:
Three corpses lay out on the shining sand,
In the morning gleam as the tide went down,
And the women were weepin' and wringin' their hands,
For those who would never come back to the town.
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