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Starrfadu - Let It Out tab

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Let it out
sean loche,Micah Berteau
2008 integrity praise music/BMI

intro:D Bb A C

Verse: D Bb A C

with my feet off the ground im gona praise you 
with this love that i found im gona tell the world
the reason i dance is cause you saved yes you saved me
yes you saved me
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chorus:D A Bb A 
ill turn this world upside down
first it starts in this room 
im gona let go now 
i cant go with out you 'let it out
let it out whoa 

bridge:D F C Bb
whoa you got me singing out 
savior your wut its all about 

out-tro:D A Bb A
and all the saints say whoa 
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