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Steadman - Come Alive tab

G-0-----0------------------------------4-------------------4--| x2

[verse one]
 G                     Em
Come alive and let the motion rock you 
 G                    Em 
Let it send you off to sleep 
 G                              Em 
Come inside, there's nothing left to shock you 
 G                        Em  
Now you've landed on your feet 

Bm                  A
Then after all the fun is over 
Bm                         A
You will still have all the memories 
F#              A                             G      
Come alive and see the world through all the trees 

[verse two]
 G                         Em           
Come alive, you know it's more than breathing 
 G                          Em 
Have to wrestle with your soul 
 G                             Em
Show it that you're close to understanding 
 G                           Em   
Don't give up and think you're too old 


 D                     Bm          F#
Feel the change rising up inside you 
 D                    Bm      F# 
See the fear scare itself away 
 D                    Bm         F#
Find a road leading back to your life 
 D                      Bm
Come alive, give the rest away 
 D                      Bm      (i think) C D Cm Bm
Come alive, give the rest away 

B------------10-10-8-5-8-| x4


and that's the chords!! i'm still not altogether sure bout that bridge. anyway,
if there are problems email me at
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