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Stefanie Heinzmann - Revolution tab

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Stefanie Heinzmann - Revolution

Transcribed by: Darek Kay (


   C   C7  D   D7  F   fm

Capo: 1st fret

[Intro] C - D7 - F - C

[Verse 1]

 C                                            D7
Imagine a world where every city is clean, No poor on the streets and the people are free
 F                                             C
Imagine a life where you can do as you please, Nothing to stop you from living your dream
     C                                   D7
They say you can accomplish anything, So why not make this a reality
F                         C
We can rebuild societies, Címon all you got to do is believe


      C                              D
Right now weíre all too distant, too blind and too resistant
   F                          C
To see the situations we must solve, 
             C                               D
Our lies and cries and misconceptions, throw us in the wrong direction
          F                         C
But if we change a revolution could evolve

[Verse 2]

 C                                         D7
Imagine a feeling thatís so unreal, Itís a natural high from the clarity
F                          C   
We can all change society, If we just focus and start to believe
  C                                   D7
Unnatural disasters off the streets, clear our minds and let the world breathe
F                                              C
This wonít come unless we work as one, ítil we all unite and we get our jobs done



C7                                    D7
Over the years friendships have died, wars have been fought and tears have been cried
  fm                                           C
Enough with the hate letís learn to forgive, rekindle the love and never regret
C7                                              D7
Colours will fade if we donít take a stand, the world will turn gray if weíre not hand-in-hand
      fm                                             C
Letís stop our fighting, letís see eye to eye, Itíll be alright, keep our hand up high

[Chorus] 2x
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