Stephanie Mabey - Villain chords

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Villain by Stephanie Mabey
No Capo

*F- |003210|

Also, listen to the song and notice how she mutes at almost every chord while her 
hand position is in G


Verse 1: 

                           Am                     E  

I haven't stopped watching you since you wandered in
F                             Am
my eyes have been right there, with ya

Am                                        E 
Boy, you should know you're so beautiful 

F                                Am  
you could be holding my glass slipper

D                                                        F
You won't leave here, til I show you, how this story goes


Dm                    Am     E                   Am 

I can't always be the damsel in distress 
                 Dm                  Am

You're the sweetest man I've seen
You'd never guess
             Dm                Am                    E (G)           Am 
that I'm 'bout to steal your heart right out of your chest 
            F              E           (Intro)
I guess this time I'm the villain

Verse 2:
              Am                           E 
You keep looking my way, I bet you feel strange --
           F                      Am

'Cause I'm in your veins, like poison 

Am                            E  
No way to tell you're under my spell 
     F                     Am

til everyone else, fades to noise
and just like that 
I make the other girls all disappear


F                     Am    E                     F 
   No one can save,    my knight in armor

F                       Am        E
  You won't escape my love


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