Stereophonics - Summertime chords

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Am    D7  Am       D7        Am   D7      Am  D7
Summertime and the living is ea-  sy     (1,2,3) ->Fish(on 3+)

 Dm(without E-string)  (descescendo)    B B B E H B B B B
 are jumping              the cotton is high          Your(3+)

Am      D7   Am       D7            Am      D7    Am   D7
daddy's rich and your mama' s good  lookin' 

     C                    Dm(without E)        Am   D7      Am  D7
  So hush little baby and don't you-           cry. 

(Same again)
One of these mornings your gonna wind up singing 
Your gonna spread your wings and reach for the sky 
But until that mornin' your gonna wind up singin' 
And mommy and daddy are standin' by
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