Steve Boller - Give Me A Sign tab

"Give Me a Sign"
Copyright 2006 Steve Boller

/=slide p=pulloff  h=hammeron

Capo 1st Fret (Chord names are relative to capo)

Main Riff:

(Start with palm muting. If playing with two guitars, 2nd guitar continues palm muting 
riff...listen to the song to get the rhythm)

D         Bm    D   Bm    D     Bm       G          A


 D    Bm   G     A


        D            Bm
Well here you come,
        D            Bm
And there you go,
D               Bm
Round and round
G                 A
And round I know,
      D     Bm     G        A                D Bm G A
It's safer just to let you be today.
             D             Bm
Well my mind says yes,
            D          Bm
But my lips say no,
             D             Bm
And my heart says move
            G             A
But my legs won't go,
  D       Bm    G             A            D Bm G A
I lost another chance to say hello.

Instrumental break: suspended versions of D Bm G A
D xx0230 Bm x20230 G 320030 A x02230




      D          Bm   G           A
I'm nervous everytime you walk by,
       D         Bm        G       A
This wall between us is too strong,
      D      Bm    G          A
It's safer just to stand in silence,
D                Bm  G          A
Don't know if it's right or wrong,

Just give me a sign.

At a loss for words,
What role to play?
Need a noun and a verb
And a joke to say,
Maybe it's best if I just walk away.

What if I'm right?
How can I know?
I hate things out of my control,
It's a two way street and traffic's moving slow

(Bridge) D Bm D Bm D Bm G A D Bm G A D Bm G A  2x


Oh, its safer just to let you be today

That should give you a basic idea...the second verse, and such continue the way the rest 
the song does
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