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Strait George - Blue Clear Sky tab

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Date: 11/1/96; 11:02:00 AM
From: "Krall, Steve" 
Subject: George Strait:  Blue Clear Sky

Blue Clear Sky
as performed by George Strait
on the album, Blue Clear Sky
Transcribed by Steve Krall (

Intro:  E  A  E  A
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Verse 1:
    E                A
You swear you've had enough
       E             A
You're ready to give up
        E                    A
On that little lie they call love
     E          B          E
Then out of the blue clear sky

Verse 2:
Fallin' right into your hands
Like rain on the desert sand
It's the last thing you had planned
Then out of the blue clear sky

         E      B
Here she comes walkin' talkin' true love
E                A
Sayin' I've been lookin' for you love
E              B           A
Surprise your new love has arrived
A                     E
Out of the blue clear sky

Verse 3:
Ain't love a funny thing
One day givin' up the dream
And the next you're pickin' out a ring
Out of the blue clear sky

Chorus 2x
A                     E
Out of the blue clear sky
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