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Streetlight Manifesto - 1234 1234 tab

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You're definately going to want to listen to the song, to learn the strumming and timing.

G         C         Am        F

e|--3--|  e|--0--|  e|--0--|  e|--1--|
B|--0--|  B|--1--|  B|--1--|  B|--1--|
G|--0--|  G|--0--|  G|--2--|  G|--2--|
D|--0--|  D|--2--|  D|--2--|  D|--3--|
A|--2--|  A|--3--|  A|--0--|  A|--X--|
E|--3--|  E|--X--|  E|--X--|  E|--X--|

Intro: (intro for the intro? just go with it)

G C G Am G F C G

(just the proper order . . . the second and third G's are played with one strum, and the 
C is played with one strum)

The main part:
(played just like the intro's intro . . . ?)

C                               C G
you, you try, you try to get by

Am                                                  Am G
your never gonna pull it off you shouldn't even try

F                                         F C
a wet cigarette, your always second best.

G                                                    G
never gonna give a shit about anybody but themselves.

C                                                    C G
so you find, you better realize, theres more to life,

Am                                                Am G
theres more to you, theres more than meets the eye

F                                        F C
and when your done, the battles been won,

G                                  G
you sit back you smile and this is

what you hum, you hum:
(whoa . . .)

little solo thingy.
(slides are optional, go with what sounds best)



now . . . only to figure out the rest . . .
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