Stroke 9 - So Good chords

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Hi all.

I've been looking for chords to this for ages but it would appear there are none so i 
took it upon myself to work them out.

Intro: A#, G#, Gm, G# x2

Palm mute the verse chords to give the desired effect.

Verse 1
I sit here wishin' that someone could see
The details in my mind of this fantasy
You wanna know the truth and theres nothing wrong
D#                                  let the chord ring on the last hit
with thinking of all the ways that you turn me on I....

Pre Chorus
Feel your fingers flowin on me and I
Feel you breath like the warmest breeze

Chorus Same as intro Chords

Your so good

cause you never do what you should

Your so hot, just thought and i probably could

your so bad and you had me at the first look

your so cool cause you never do anything by the book

Break down riff.

8th fret on D String. pluck 6th fret on G and B string and hammer on to 7th on G. 6th 
fret on D string then 9th fret on B and 8th on G string together and then both 8th fret.
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