Sum 41 - Reason To Believe chords

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Sum 41
Reason To Believe
Screaming Bloody Murder
2011 Island Records
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Key: F

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used:
Dm -  000xxx
F -   333xxx
C -   x355xx
Bb -  888xxx
C/E - 232xxx
Am -  777xxx

Chords used: for Standard Tuning
Dm -  xx0231
F -   133211
C -   x32010
Bb -  x13331
C/E - 032xxx
Am -  x02210

Intro: Drumbeats, Dm-- x4

Dm-F-C-- x2

Verse 1:
Dm        F
I've been waiting for 
something for so long
just show me the answers 
that I want
Reason to believe 
that is so strong
but I don't think 
that exists

Chorus: Beat switch from 3/4 to Standard 4/4
Dm             Bb          F
  Yeah give me reason to believe
              C/E          Dm
this world is not a seat machine
     Bb              F
When everywhere is a dead 
and having an erection
Dm             Bb
  Yeah can you give 
me what I need?
Or just sit and 
watch me bleed
            Bb      F
Cause after all you can't get 
everything you want now
Dm    Bb            F  C/E
  But all I need is one 
Dm       Bb             F C/E
thing to keep me moving on
Dm   Bb F C/E Dm Bb F C/E
Oh oh

Verse 2: Slower Beat Played on Piano
Dm                 Bb
  Everbody's got a secret
                        F    Am
Can you tell me what is mine?
Can you tell me what you find? 
I'll tell you if you keep it
I promise not to lie 
oeh oeh oeh oeh oeh
Bb                F
  Well I have the fears the pain 
and the tears I just can't hide
Bb            F
  It all dissapears cause 
everything passes with the time
        Bb(hold)            F(hold)
All you need is reason to believe
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