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Summer Heights High - My Name Is Mr G tab

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...MY NAME IS MR.G... by Mr.G.

*from the TV Series 'Summer Heights High' (2007)*

-Sung by Mr.G. in Episode 8


C  G, F  G (x2)

Verse 1:

C           G   F  G
 My name is Mr. G,
C          G   F  G
 3 talents 1.2.3.
C            Am
 Singing and dancing,
    F      G     C    G, F  G
And acting is my life!

Chorus 1:
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      F                 C
I'm a teacher thats for sure,
     F              Gsus4  G
In a world of crazy kids,
                  C    G  F  G
At Summer Heights High...
                  C    G  F  G, C
At Summer Heights High...


   C       G       F       Am     Gsus4

 x32010  320003  133211  x02210  320013
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