Sunnydayz - Times Like These chords

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Intro: C2

Verse 1:
C                    Am7
I saw her last night
F                         G
Same old place, brand new guy
C                               Am7
Never thought she'd leave my side
         F                             G                     C2
What in the world have I not done right

C#m              Am
Do you love another
                C#m                 Am    C#m
Have you found a better lover, oh

     C                               Am7
It's times like these that tear me apart
          F                                   G
She's messin' with my head, breakin' my heart
C                           Am                            F                        G
Times like these I can't figure out do I let her go or go chase her down
C                               Am7                                   F2                        G
Times like these that make me believe maybe there's somethin' that we're missing
C                          Am7     F              G            C2
And it's times like these, times like these, baby

Intro: C2

Verse 2:
C                                 Am7
I watch her laugh and smile with me
      F                                              G
But there's somethin' she doesn't know I see
C                                  Am7
Cos I know her secret plans
      F                      G      C2
I've seen her other man



C#m               Am
Do you love another
                C#m                 Am
Have you found a better lover
              C.                      Am7                 F                      G
Are you playing hard-to-get or are you leaving me for real
Am                  C#m              Am               C#m Am  C#m
Are you really mine or am I wasting you time, oh

Breakdown: C Am7 F G C Am7 F G C Am7 F2 G C2


C          Am7  F          G          C2
Just go then, just go then, baby

Outro: C2 C

Lyrics and music written by Drew Walker for the sunnydayZ Band.
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