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Supernaturals - Smile tab

This song is by the Scottish britpop group. It is written 
by singer James McColl and appears on the 1997 album 
"It Doesn't Matter Anymore" (Food/Parlophone), and was 
also used on a TV advert for a bank. Full lyrics and further
info at

Fairly easy to play:


As far as I can work out, the Piano sequence is
D     F#m    G      A     D    F#m G A
Every silver lining has a cloud...

G       A               D
See the lines around my eyes,
F#      D             A
See the sarcasm in my smile,

FILL:                POST-CHORUS:
E:-------------      -----------------
b:------------- play -----------------
g:--0---------- main -x-----6-x-7-x-9-
d:----4-2-0---- riff -x-7-x-4-x-5-x-7-
a:----------0--      -x-5-x-----------
e:-------------      -----------------

Sent in by Richard W of
The Original Supernaturals Fan-page!
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