Symfonia - Dont Let Me Go chords

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This tab was wrote for Tolkki himself in Symfonia forum. Enjoy it.

           Am             E/G#
So here I stand, towards the end
         G              D
No more games and no pretend
        F                     Am
Every now and then tears run down slow
   B7                  E
Body hurts without a soul

I hear a voice across the wind
Can you recall all vows we made?
Is it easy then to let me go away
One more time?

             Am                F
Don't let me go, I'm here to stay
              C               G
Enjoy the moment, live day by day
              Am             F
Don't let me go, united we stay
                 C                 G
And in the morning, the pain is gone away
              D    Dm
Don't let me go...
I'm back here to stay

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