Take No Glory - Beautiful Slave chords

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Gm       Gm/A#       Gm/C            Gm/A#     Gm/C    Gm       Gm/A# 
I don't know where I am, they've taken all that I had, smuggled in for
   Gm/C            Gm                Gm/A#      Gm/C          D#       
a lucrative trade, beaten, bartered, broken in, until I obey, I used to be
 F          Dm          D#                     F                  Dm
childlike, innocent and safe, now I'm someone else's treasure, a stranger's
           D#                    F                      Dm            D#
pleasure, smothered in shame, succumbed with drugs, but I'm not numb, all I 
               D#      F                    Dm           D#
feel is pain , is this all a dream, will I ever be the same?  
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