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Talk Talk - I Believe In You chords

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                    I BELIEVE IN YOU : Talk Talk
Tabbed by: lifer

Tuning: standard

     E    F#   F#2  A    B

Note: This is just the way I like to play the chords. It sounds fine if you play them normally.

F#                     F#2
Hear it in my spirit
                       F#      F#2
I've seen heroin for myself
       F#                               F#2
On the street so young laying wasted

Enough ain't it enough
Crippled world
             F#2                              A
I just can't bring myself to see it starting

F#  F#2 (x2)

Same for next verse

E     A
B     A
  How long

Then the bridge part is:

E  F#2

…you’ll have to listen carefully to hear the changes. I realize there are gaps in this, 
but I didn’t want to blaspheme the song too much. Good luck!
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