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Tammy Wynette - I Love You chords

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G			     C
Thereís something going on around you
D7				    G
Thereís something growing strong around you
Is it not beautiful or is it invisible
      Am			   D7
Cause I donít you even know itís found you
Am         D7     Am            D7     
So look at me and listen carefully

G             C				   B7
I L-O-V-E Y-O-U, must I spell it out for you
			    Em				      Bm
Cross my heart and hope to die, write your name across the sky
		        Em	   Bm
Tell me what I have to do to get through
C     D7      G  C  D7

I think you really care about it
But something in you makes you doubt it
If you just give me time, Iíll paint it on your mind
Iíll whisper it soft and low and then Iíll shout it
So listen then, Iíll tell you once again

Chorus +: 

by: Josť Duarte
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