Tarney-spencer Band - No Time To Lose chords

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No Time to Lose - Tarney-Spencer Band 

(at least one guitar should have drop-D tuning)

Int:  Bb C D (x4)

V1:   D
      Every day I walk in shadows
        C                           G           (G/C)
      i Know not what it is     i'm Heading for
      and As the evening light is dying
      a Gentle heart lies near me sighing
            G                           D
      d'you Feel the same?     will you Ever change?

PC1:  Bm              C
      You can never understand
      D               C
      We can always be like water
      Bm              C
      Flowing on to find our way
           D                    C/A  C/B  C  (x2)
      Just Get on with the game           it's a Game     what a Game

Ch1:  D  (4 measures)
      (get that low-D string resonating, play hook on lower strings)
      (hook is on open and third fret of A & D strings, play it by ear)
      Bb                    C          D
      No time to lose, No time to lose   (hook)
      Bb                    C          D
      No time to lose, No time to lose   (hook)
      Bb                      C                  D
      Go with the flow, Never let go, No time to loo-oose

V2:   there Ain't no way to see forever
      it's Only day to day    i'm Living for
      Like a wheel you keep me turning
      It's your love inside me burning
      Questions flame; will your love remain?

PC2:  (repeat PC1)

Ch2:  (repeat Ch1 w/ extra baseline on low-D string: 03502300 (x3) 57352300

Br:    guitar solo over Bb C D (x4)

Out:   PC, Ch w/truncated baseline, Ch fade out.

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