Ted Lennon - Face Up chords

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Ted Lennon FACE UP

G                                      C
Hanging on a clothes line, the cotton is almost dry,
Well like is what you make it, one day at a time,
I am a misty mountain; well I am nobodyís guy,
G                                       D
Late morning wake up because the sun is in my eyes.
Giving and a taking of what is yours and what is mine
But everyday I wake up with someone on my mind
G                                         C
If something doesnít change soon, you think youíre going to die,
It makes no difference if youíre rich or famous
ConfrontationsÖ the conflicts arise, 
G                                         D
But something always saves you. In the nick of time
Because itís not what you got man itís you can give us.
I am feeling the friction... then I look it in the eyes,

Chorus 1:
D                                      C                G        
Come on and wake up; Cause its time to face up... to the music
You better wake up come on and face up... to the music.

Chorus 2:
D                                              C         G         
Come on and Wake up... Cause you still got to face up to the music.
You better wake up, come on and face up to the Music.

Chorus 3
D                                C             G
And I wake up, because I got to face up to the music
Itís time to wake up; we all got to face up to this music... the music

Címon and give me some music.

B               C              G
Old Soul oh my Old Soul in this young man

B            C             D    D7
People oh People, Do what you canÖ
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