Teen Suicide - We Found Two Dead Swans And Filled Their Bodies With Flowers chords

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Intro: E, A, E, Abm

E                          Dbm   Abm       Db
      i dont want to go to sleep  

F#m                          A      B
      and i dont want to dream 

E             B  E    Dbm   Abm
      on a table or on the floor 

                     Abm        A               B
      in a car outside at night in the snow 

small solo w chords: E, A, E, Abm

      E                         Dbm   Ab  Abm          
      waking up in someone elses bed 

   F#m                                 A             B    
      something tells me im losing my head 

E                          Dbm Ab Abm  
      i dont want to leave 

      F#m           Dbm     A   B
      just dye my hair and sleep 

chord solo: E, A, E, Abm

             A                    Am
      the world is ending in my dreams 

      B         E                Dbm     Abm
      every week for the last few years 

                    A                                Am
      when it really ends theyll fill my body with flames 

      E                       Dbm    Abm    A
      you and i will be a household name

i can't make out the exact chords but these work for the ending: Abm, B, E

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