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Tenth Avenue North - Love Is Here tab

here are the correct tabs for the this song..
it includes the proper tuning =}


this is just the part that plays thru the intro / verses =]
haven't done the work on the pre chorus or chorus yet.. tho i'm sure its just chords =]

during the verse.. theres a lot of confusion about that the chords are..
over an Am the guitarist plays the A on 7th fret of the Db string,
an E on the 7th fret of the Ab string-over the Am chord structure-..
and an F on the 8th fret.

with this in mind, the chords would make sense to be Am,C/E, F during the vs.
i leave the high e string open the whole time since
the guitarist hits that e a few times in the picking,
which turns the F chord into a F Major 7th:

           Am                 C/E                  FM7
eb o|| ---|---|---   eb o|| ---|---|---   eb o|| ---|---|---|
Bb  || -o-|---|---   Bb  || -o-|---|---   Bb  || -o-|---|---|
Gb  || ---|-o-|---   Gb o|| ---|---|---   Gb  || ---|-o-|---|
Db  || ---|-o-|---   Db  || ---|-o-|---   Db  || ---|---|-o-|
Ab o|| ---|---|---   Ab x|| ---|---|---   Ab x|| ---|---|---|
Eb x|| ---|---|---   Eb o|| ---|---|---   Eb x|| ---|---|---|

thats just music theory tho, i've emailed the band and asked for tabs and
chords too.. but hopefully this will tide you over till then..

one last note..
the chorus chords are
the dashes are tempo markers for you..
to know how long to hold the chord out for..
the NOTE letter itself counts as a dash =]

hope this helps.. its my first OFFICIAL tab..
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