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Tenth Avenue North - Love Is Here chords

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This song is played without a capo
Tuning: eb Bb Gb Db  Ab  eb  
The tabs that Jeff plays into the intro are also played through the verses, 
prechorus, and the outro:

Played 3 times through the intro and repeated through verses and prechorus

   C       F     A  C   F

Bar Chords are  played through the bridge
  F C       Dm    G  x2
Mike plays chords the whole way through the song.

Am   C  F  x3

Verse 1:
Am            C    F                            Am          C  F
Come to the water, You who thirst, and you'll thirst no more
Am            C     F                        Am          C  F
Come to the Father, you who work, and you'll work no more

G               Am           F 
And all you who labor in vain 
G          Am               F
And to the broken and shamed

        C             F
Love is here, Love is now
        Am               G                    F
Love is pouring from his hands, and from his brow
        C              F
Love is near, it satisfies
Am               G                  F
Streams of mercy flowing from his side
               Am    C    F
'Cause love is here

Am              C     F                             Am         C    F
Come to the treasure, you who search, and you'll search no more
Am            C    F                        Am          C    F
Come to the Lover, you who want, and you'll want no more

((Prechorus & Chorus))

And to the bruised and fallen 
Captives, bound, and the broken hearted
Dm              G
He is the Lord, he is the Lord, Yeah 
By his stripes he's paid all ransom
From his wounds we drink salvation
Dm              G
He is the Lord, He is the Lord


Outro:(same as intro)
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