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Tenth Avenue North - Beyond Words chords

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Beyond Words - Tenth Avenue North
Tabbed by tonydo91
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This tab isnt perfect, but it does come close. The actual picking pattern does not use
D/F#, Em7, or C2 chords, but rather the D, Em, or C2 chord, but if youre going to strum
then the former chords sound better in my opinion, and also has the benefit of playing 
Em-D-C part of "Let me take your breath away" more easily.

Chords: Standard Tuning
  G     D/F#    D      Em7    Em     C2     C
  3      3      2      3      0      3      0
  3      3      3      3      0      3      1
  0      2  or  2      0  or  0      0  or  0
  0      0      0      2      2      2      2
  2      0      x      2      2      3      3
  3      2      x      0      0      x      x

Verse 1:
             G            D/F#                 Em7
Well if you only knew the pain that Ive been through.
       G           D/F#   Em7       C
Since when did it become all about you?
                G                 D/F#                Em7
And as you can see right from the start Ive said the truth
             G                    D/F#  Em7         C2            D
But if the truth means nothing to you, then what am I supposed to do?

And Ill still love you,
Beyond the words can say.
Ill take every suffering moment,
And bring a better day.
And Ill still love you,
More than what I hope to be.
Let me wrap my arms around you,
Let me take your breath away.

Verse 2: Same as Verse 1
And every time I ask you assure youre doing fine.
But your heart looks good by smiling, You couldn’t fool mine.
And by the end of the night your pillow sits to dry.
In a crowded room youre singing, but on the inside you sigh.


 G    D/F#
In a ballroom theres dancing,
In a forest there are trees,
In a child there is a hope
That keeps him in belief.
With any star there is a sky,
With any beach theres a sea.
With any love song, theres a lover,
And in your heart, I hope its…

Chorus x2
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