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Teri Desario - Fallin chords

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FALLIN' (Teri Desario)

h = hammer
~ = slide
Adim :

        D        A           G          A

G|------------|-----------|--0----------------| (2X)

GM7       A      F#m     GM7      A          F#m
   I'm afraid to fly        and I don't know why
     G               D            Em   F#m   G  (Adim)    A
I'm jealous of the people who are not   a--fraid   to    die
GM7               A F#m     GM7          A      F#m
   It's just that I recall     back when I was small
         G                  D             Em  F#m   G (Adim)  A7sus
Someone promise that they'd catch me and then they let  me   fall

     A7     G  F#m (break)  G  F#m   F#    Bm
And now im fal-lin,        fal-lin' fast  again
     G          D             Em   F#m   G  (A7sus,A7) (Intro)
Why do I always take a fall,  when  I  fall        in  love


You think by know I've learn
Play with fire and  you get burn
But fire can be oh so warm
That's why I return,

Turn and walk away
That's what I should do,
My head says go and find the door
My heart says I found you

(Repeat Chorus)

BRIDGE : (intro chord / tab pattern)

D     A

   G                     A(7sus)-A(7)
It always turns out   the same
D                 A
Loving someone, losing my self
G                A
Only got me to blame

              G   F#m(break)  G   F#m(break)
Help me  I'm fal--lin,        fal--lin'
G           F#        Bm
Catch me if you can
G                              D
Maybe this time I'll have it all
G                             D
Maybe I'll make it after all
G                        D
May be this time I won't fall
  Em   (F#m)   G     (A7sus,A7)    (Intro...D)
 when     i     fall        in              love

"version ko po. pagpasensiyahan na lang po kung merong mali. salamat po ng marami." -
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(this is how i play it...if i've got some errors, pls do let me know. thanks.)
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