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The Afghan Whigs - Algiers chords

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Artist: The Afghan Whigs
Title: Algiers
Album: Do To The Beast
Transcribed by: Nick

Tuning: Standard

***Lyrics - Work In Progress***

Am, Am

    G                      F
The time when things would change
G             Am     
Still I was a slave
G             F
Waiting to be saved

         G           F
The body sleeps, but I
           G        Am 
Am not too proud to roll
G      F
On the bad streets

So, so 
G               F
Simple when you know
       Am        G                Am
You'll know this when its time to go


              G       F
The ?son? you leave behind
            G           Am
The lonely ?past you've sold?
G   F         G
Paradise ?

         G          F
The body leaves the ?bone?
       G        Am
To sit upon the throne
           G         F        G
The battle waits for ?life?

           G    F
Dream your sins away
          G      Am
Sing your dreams away
             G           F       G      Am     
Your holding back's, not holding back a ?chain?

Am, Am


Am            G    F           G
Say, you love me tonight
Am                  G    F            G   
Save, your love for me tonight

F   C   G       Am    G
And I feel you now
F C       G     Am   G 
I lie awake in my ???
F C    G       Am  G
I....feel you 
F   G
But I...

Am, Am

Am                         G         F   G
Heavenly demons outside my window
Am                          G    F        G
Sent here to see my outside this world
Am                            G   F     G
I call the shadow, you call the ?
     Am       G     F     G
That ?salted? ?wound?...

End: Am
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