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The Antlers - Palace chords

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It's the same chord progression through-out the whole song.


F#m E D A 

You were simpler,

         E               D                   A
you were lighter when we thought like little kids.

       F#m                   E
Like a weightless, hate-less animal,

            D                         A
beautifully oblivious before you were hid 

         F#m               E
inside a stranger you grew into,

        D               A
as you learned to disconnect.

       F#m                E
Now he hangs your mirrors separately,

             D                          A
so one can’t show you what the other reflects.


F#m E D A

     F#m            E
When he heard I was on his tail, he 

D               A
emptied your account 

          F#m                    E
and hid a part of you that’s so invaluable

                   D                A
(the part of you unsellable at any amount).

            F#m                  E
He left the tallest peak of your paradise

              D                     A
buried in the bottom of a canyon in hell,

      F#m                               E
but I swear I’ll find your light in the middle,

                                 D                            A
where there’s so little late at night, down in the pit of the well.

          F#m                          E
Then when heaven has a line around the corner,

                     D                           A 
we shouldn’t have to wait around and hope to get in

          F#m                     E
if we can carpenter a home in our heart right now

            D           A
and carve a palace from within.

                 F#m           E
We won’t need to take a ton of pictures,

            D          A
It won’t be easy to believe

           F#m           E                 D            A
the day we wake inside a secret place that everyone can see.

End with:

F#m E D A
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