The Audreys - Little Molly chords

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Hello, fellow guitarist/noob ukulele player frustrated with the lack of Audreys tabs 
here!! This is my first tab, for a relatively creepy but still lovely song.

It's very easy!!

        A                    D       A
Little Molly don’t go down to the river
         A           E           A
you’re safely tucked up in your bed
       A                      D  Bm
sweetheart stay away from the water
            A             E             A
‘cause it longs for your pretty blonde head

Little Molly don’t go down to the river
oh darling whatever you do
just stay away from the water
‘cause the tides have been calling for you

D         A
oh, some places a child shouldn’t go
D        A                         E
oh, some things a child shouldn’t know
A                                   D  A
like the wiles of a handsome young stranger
         A           E           A
or the ways of those closest to home

there’s a darkness runs deep precious one
deeper than you’ll ever know
like the reeds that await the unwary
‘neath the stillest of waters below


listen you’ll hear a voice whisper,
“Come, lay down beside me.”
And it’ll never have peace my sweet daughter
‘till it carries your virtue to sea

D         A
oh, some things are better unsaid
D        A
oh, some stories just shouldn’t be read
D        A                       E
oh, some dreams are too real to forget

dear heart stay away from the water
let your sister take your place instead
Little Molly my prettiest daughter
let your sister go on now ahead
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