The Benjy Davis Project - The Rain chords

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C     C/G          Am 
Some days go on forever
F7                            G
Sometimes the weatherman says rain
C            C/G             Am 
We've all had days staring blankly out the window
         F7                                G
Watching all the plans we made go down the drain

C         C/G             Am
She had a long day in the city
      F7                        G
And it's finally her turn to complain
C          C/G           Am 
I tried to improvise and told her about the time 
         F7                     G
I had to buy a rented tux with a whiskey stain

F7                     G
My little story didn't seem to impress her
I was just trying to cheer you up, baby
I can make it better

      C                     C/G             
Well, I'll get around to it when the sky turns blue, but
'Til then it's gonna have to wait 
I'll do it, love to do it for you baby
But I can't turn off the rain
         C                            C/G  
And it's hard to be patient when you're waiting at the station
Worrying never did anything
F7                            G                  C     G     Am
I'll do it for you baby but I can't turn off the rain, rain, rain

Oh, it's been one of those days
Trying to find a rock to crawl under
A place to hide my face and I just
F7                              G
Want to go pretend like I don't have any friends, but
C             C/G               Am                        F7
You have the nerve to call and interrupt my shitty, pity party
Just to ask me how it went
                 C                       C/G
Well how does it sound like it went, man?
I don't know, closed the door and threw my phone
    F7                                 G 
And sat down on the bed, like what the hell
       C                 C/G               Am  
Like a ghost I felt that guilt surround my soul
                              F7                                  G
And I could hear my grandpa's voice saying "listen up boy, listen well"


               F F
Here come the home
               F F
Here come the kids
There goes the money you were fronted 
               F F
Here come the wave
               F F           Am
It's headed straight at everything that you just bought
               F                G                C    B       F
And now you're standing on what just became your FEMA parking lot
        F                                G
He said "Baby I don't think that I could make good on that promise this time.
C        C/G              Am
Oh, that diamond's out of reach."
          F7                               G
She said, "Honey I don't need a ring, just you more than anything.
C                C/G                 Am
Now that we've lost everything lets just lie on this beach together.
F7                              G
I know you love me, you're just saving it for better weather"

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