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The Black Keys - Tighten Up chords

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      F#m          A
I wanted love, I needed love
      Bm           C#
Most of all, Most of all
      F#m           A
Someone said true love was dead
        Bm               C#
And I'm bound to fall, Bound to fall for you
  F#m A             Bm C#
      Oh what can I do

   F#m                A  
Take my badge, But my heart remains
   Bm           C#
Loving you, baby child
   F#m        A
Tighten up on you reins
    Bm              C# 
Your runnin wild, Runnin wild
   It's true

Sick for days, So many ways
I'm achin now, Achin now
It's times like these I need relief
Please show me how, Oh show me how
To get right
Yeah it's outta sight

When I was young, And movin fast
Nothin slowed me down, Oh slowed me down
Now I let the others pass
I've come around, Oh come around
Cause I've found

F#m              C#m
Living just to keep going
F#m            C#m
Goin just to be sane
F#m           C#m            A        B
All the while not knowin, It's such a shame

F#m               C#m
I don't need to get steady
F#m             C#m
I know just how I feel
F#m             C#m          A   B
I'm tellin you to be ready, My dear
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