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The Blake Babies - Disappear chords

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I couldn't find the chords for this song anywhere, This sounds pretty good to me.  
Simple and easy, Have fun Folks.

D        A                G     D       A            G
I don't want to hear his name, it only makes me feel ashamed
                 D       G               D        G
of all of those wasted days, and when I see his face
I wish that I could make him disappear...

D     A                G       D      A               G
My guitar was getting trashed, so I made him give it back.
        D         G             D        G
Now he won't let up, saying I took his stuff
I wish that he would just disappear...
A                     G
You can't say I'm anti-everything
A                                       G          D       G
I just don't think the whole world    owes     him    some  thing.
D           A            G       D            A                G
He's been talking to my friends, I hope they don't invite him in again.
        D        G              D-G        G----------------------->
What I wouldn't do, go back to '92 and erase the moment I met you...
-And make you disappear- (X3+)
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