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The Bonfire Band - These Days chords

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The Bonfire Band - These days

Standart tuning

Capo: 1

C   G   Am     F  C  G    x2

C         G            Am
You don't need looking after
F          C         G
you're not small and weak
C            G              Am
i'm not your mother or your father
F               C       G
you've got your own two feet

F            C  Am
What did you do before i came along
        F                C   G
did you walk around in a haze
     C        F       Am        
no i remember how you walked once
       F         G           C
but my memory is fading these days

We used to talk about why things go wrong
on everything we would agree
and i've stuck hard to all the things i said
but lately you don't see

What made you turn around and talk like this
what made you change your ways
i know i never would have asked it of you
but you're asking me these days

And would you have me give up what i love
to be with you somewhere
and what exactly do you mean
when you say you care

And what did you see when you first met me
and did you see it in my face
or were you looking with your mindís eye
at who you'd have me be these days
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