The Bonny Situation - After All chords

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Capo 1st Fret

Intro: Em, G, C, Am  

Now tomorrow has become today. 
       C                           Am
And the grief inside of me hasnīt gone away.
Weīve never tried to learn 
      C                       Am
The language of each other. Now itīs my turn.


C                           Am
There must be another reason I was acting like I did.
Em            D
  The longer apart we sit.
      C                                     Am
The feeling that I thought I'd lost is now stronger than it was before.
Em          D
  Because I love you more.

You have said a lot of things I couldn't understand.
Afterwards I have recognized that for each other we were meant.
I hope that you will give us just one more chance.
I simply don't believe in our loveīs end.

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