The Book Of Mormon - Sal Tlay Ka Siti Salt Lake City chords

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Sal Tlay Ka Siti

(The chords with a "/" in them-can be played with either
chord on each side of the "/")

      C                             Em
My mama once told me of a place
        F                          G
With waterfalls and unicorns flying
C                                       Em
Where there was no suffering, no pain
             F                                   G
Where there was laughter instead of dying
F/Am                           C/Em
I always thought sheíd made it up
        [ch]Dm/F[/ch]            Am
To comfort me in times of pain
      F                        C/Em
But now I know that place is real
Dm                   F        G
Now I know its name

C                Em
Sal Tlay Ka Siti
F                                 G
Not just a story mama told
          C               Em
But a village in Ooh-Tah
                   F                                  G
Where the roofs are thatched with gold
   Am             G/Em
If I could let myself believe
  F                               D
I know just where Iíd be
G                                     Am
Right on the next bus to paradise
F                  G   C
Sal Tlay Ka Si - ti
C                               Em          
I can imagine what it must be like
          F                     G
This perfect, happy place
                 C                            Em
Iíll bet the goat-meat there is plentiful
                        F                          G
And they have vitamin injections by the case
       F/Am                       C/Em
The war-lords there are friendly
          [ch]Dm/F[/ch]                     Am
They help you cross the street
                      Am                            G/Em
And thereís a Red Cross on every corner
                   Dm                F   G
With all the flour you can eat!

C                Em
Sal Tlay Ka Siti
                F                        G
The most perfect place on Earth
            C                            Em
Where flies donít bite your eyeballs
       F                      G
And human life has worth
   Am                   Em
It isnít a place of fairytales

          F                   D
Itís as real as it can be
    G                      Am
A land where evil doesnít exist
F                 G    C
Sal Tlay Ka Si - ti

G#             Fm                         D#
      And Iíll bet the people are open minded
       Fm                               G#
And donít care who youíve been
C#                             G#
And all I hope is that when I find it
C#             D#
Iím able to fit in
Will I fit in?

A                 F#m
Sal Tlay Ka Siti
    D                         E
A land of hope and joy
       C               Am
And if I want to get there
         F                            G
I just have to follow that white boy

You were right, mama
You didnít lie
The place is real 
And Iím gonna fly!

Iím on way
F                                G
Soon life wonít be so shitty
C                     F
Now salvation has a name

F                 G    C
Sal Tlay Ka Si - ti
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