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The Cat Empire - Protons Neutrons Electrons tab

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Using Bar Chords: C,G,F(bar on 8th fret, A string),G#,A#

The way i strum for verses is down down up(palm mute), check the song.

      C               G
Iíve done too much of some things

     C            G  
And not enough of others

          C          G            C          G
Just like all life lovers

      F               C
Iíve changed and changed 

      F              C
and changed and changed

      F             C            F            C  
From one thing to another

         C             G
Iíve had complicated dealings

       C          G      
With complicated feelings

      C              G        C            G
And Iíve cut and bruised and torn

       F            C               F
I made blinds on the windows of my mind 

         C            F            C         F         C
with the time that my back once wore

Iím a single person in this universe
And I am here to say to you:

On the day that I die Iíll just give a smile
And fly into the blue

(Cause weíre all just)

Protons, Neutrons, Electrons

That rest on a Sunday

Work on a Monday and someday soon

Weíll be singing the old tunes

          Gmin         G#
Zip-A-dee-doo-dah, Zip-A-dee-doo

        G#                A#
Iíll be sitting on the porch with you

                    G#                  G
Then Iíll die and Iíll fly off into the blue

Verse 2 (same)

Some night I see the world with its winds and its whirls
And I feel undefeated
But every day I see the girl with the strawberry curl
And Iím too shy to meet her
Some nights I go to bed
Thereís a ghost in the air above my head
And I tremble
Sometimes I eat KFC
Other times I give up meat
And I just eat lentils
Iím a singe person in the universe
And I am here to sing a song
About the day that I was born
Till the day that Iíll be gone
And the song wonít last for long
(Cause weíre all justÖ)

CHORUS (different lyrics)

Verse 3

And enemy is a remedy to a malady in your melody
If youíre strong not brittle
And a friend is a friend
Is a friend to the end and itís oh so simple
A man is a man and a woman is a woman
But the times we are living in demand 
That a man can change from a man to a woman
And a woman can demand to be a man
Weíre just flesh with socks and locks and frocks
And I am here to say to you
On the day that I die Iíll just give a smile and fly into the blue
(Cause weíre all justÖ)
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