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The Coffinshakers - Transylvania chords

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Album : The Coffinshakers (2007)


Breathing the fog that is rising
From the depths of Carpathian tombs
In the middle of this evil land
In Transylvania's very womb
[Em]                      [Am]
Taught to bring tragedy to everyone I see
Born under a bad moon
I was raised by misery

[C]                 [Em]
All beauty I must destroy
[C]                 [Em]
All the pleasure is pain
[C]                        [Dm]
And all the love I turn to hate

[Am]-[Em]-[Em]-[Am]-[Am]-[Em]-[Em]-[Am]-[Am],... (repeat couplet + riff)

Solo : |e|-----------------------------------------------------------------|


       |B|-|-- PLAYED 2 TIMES----|-----------------------------------------|


Drinking the blood that is pouring
From that sweet milk white neck
Deep inside I may be crying
But it's nothing I will regret
Another one I've cursed
To forever walk alone
Another one like me
With a heart as cold as stone

[C]                   [Em]
And death walks by my side
[C]           [Em]
Crimson is my wake
[C]           [Dm]
And all life I end.
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