The Color - Raindrops chords

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Raindrops by, The Color

Tabbed by Jonathan Vautour
A                   E        D                A
She looks into your eyes, to hear you say I'm sorry
A           E         F#m                    D
only to realize, that tonight's the same old story.
A               E              D                    A
You lock her up inside and you lock her out in your moment
A        E                 F#m               D
empty to satisify but your stuck here in the moment
D                        E
oh if you could read her mind, you'd see
A                     E                  F#m              D
She's praying for you every night, as the tears fall like raindrops from eyes
A              E        F#m                        E
you've come to realize, oh stop tearing apart your lives
A                 E         F#m                          D
your not ready to recognize what your gonnna lose if you don't stop wasting time
she's crying out this one last time, the raindrops stop tonight.
Verse 2
A                   E         D                 A
she looks into your eyes, and can't you see her trembling
A                     E         F#m                       D
the fear she tries to hide, its what you feed on, got her believing
A                E          D                   A
she holds it all inside, oh can't you see she's dying
A              E                D                        E
she's holding on for dear life, hoping you would see the light
D                        E
hoping this was the last time
A                            E
you say those words it won't happen again
    F#m                    D
but don't take the time to love like you said
              A   E
Your breaking her down
F#m            D
why won't you, why won't you?
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