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The Damnwells - Say tab

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so this song is 99.9% accurate, im just laying the basic chords the rythem and timing is 
you its not really that bad

so here it goes enjoy

I'm on the corner

Catching the late train

I'm going somewhere

  "and the same for the below"

I'm leaving nowhere today
I got my reasons
And my beautiful wine
I told my mama
Said "Boy you lost your mind

pre chorus

I say shut up shut up
                     G          F
You're going to ruin you're name
I say clean up clean up
          G      F
Don't think just play


S-S-Say Say Say

Say what you wanna say

Cuz I'm gone...Yea I'm gone


Oh you used to be young
           G       F
Yea you used to be wise
You used to be cool
                   G          F
What's with that look in your eyes

2nd bridge which is these lyrics below just use the bridge notes and go into chorus

Tell me how you like me
Look at me like that
Tell me how you like that
Look at me dancing now
Look at me dancing now
Call me everyday just to say the same thing
Even though it's the same
It's your voice repeating (voice repeating)
Tell me how you like me now (Yea)


keep repeating the bridge but end on c
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