The Dear Hunter - Go Get Your Gun chords

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Go Get Your Gun
The Dear Hunter

i love this song, any questions let me know

Go get your gun, get your gun and
Lets find out what it does
Am       C/B    C         Am     G
Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot

We haven't won, but if we win
                                Dm                               Am
Right when that morning light sets in
          C/B    F      E7
We've cheated fate again.

           Am   C/B     C   Em
And to those who'll die please
Am  G  Em Dm  F
Try to un-der-stand
                 Am     C/B C                                                   
That for those who die, 
Em  Am   G   Em   Dm E7
we tried the best we can
With that one foot in the grave
And the other one kicking its
Way right down to hell.

Go get your gun, get your gun
                 Dm                      Am
Imposing penance one by one
You've got a virtue in vice
                        G                                  E7
That forces fate; you're taking lives
With all the history to guide
                         Dm                        Am
You've got a passion in those eyes
   C/B  F                       E7
So aim it straight and true.

F                                Am   C
Now, when this is ov---er
F                                  Am   C
Then, we'll raise a glass
F                                 C
Straight up to the sun
So keep one foot in the grave
And the other one kickin' its way right
Down to hell
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