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The Dirty Guvnahs - Wide Awake chords

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Wide Awake by The Dirty Guv'nahs
(notes on the bottom of the page)

Add any kind of improvisation to the chords to make the song more interesting.

E - 1 measure

[Verse 1] *strum each chord once
E                    Esus4 - E                C#m
I'm leaving today,          coming to find you;
                   A                    E
not taking anything, or wasting time.
E          Esus4 - E               C#m
I'm dizzy,        dizzy and I'm spinning.
                  A                                E
You're all I want to know, you're all I want to know.

[Chorus] *strum chords on 8th notes
E       C#m                       A                      E
Maybe, everything    is happening      in front of our eyes.
E                               C#m                         A    E
Standing, standing right beside you; right beside you.

[Verse 2] *same as 1st verse, but strum
E               Esus4 - E               C#m                      A
You know me;           you know me well, and where I've been.
                E     Esus4 - E
 You know me well,
(E)                                             C#m
so be patient 'cause baby there's still time
                         A                          E
and I'm wide awake inside. I'm wide awake inside.


[Intro to Bridge]*you might want to listen to the recording to get it
A (emphasize alternating C# and E notes)
E (emphasize alternating B and E notes [C# and E on fast part])

[Bridgex2] Play chords just like the intro to the bridge, or strum to the beat.
A                                                E
I'm wide awake . . . and you're beside.
A                                                E
And everything  . . . in front my eyes. (In front of my eyes---)

[Jamx2] *Walk down (listen to recording) or improvise a new solo
A                       E
Oh, woah---------.

[Bridge 2 x2] *Use chord walk down from the Jam
A                                                 E
I'm wide awake . . . and you're beside. (Oh, woah---------.)
A                                                 E
And everything . . . in front of my eyes.(Oh, woah---------.)

[Outtro] *hold chord/single strum; quickly go from loud and upbeat to slow and quiet
I'm wide awake, and you're beside.

I've never posted chords on here before, and I'm sorry if the chords
don't line up right, I'm not sure if it's me formatting it wrong or
if the website screwed up the lineup of the chords.
This is my favorite song off of their "Youth is in Our Blood" album,
and I decided to learn how to play it and share it with you all.
This is a pretty easy song to play, considering it has only 3 main chords and you can do 
a lot of improvisation on it.
I found the chords on piano first (since I play that better than guitar), so feel free 
to ask me any questions you have.

This is the recording I used for these chords:
(Iím not sure how to explain the rhythms too well in this, so you can listen to this on YouTube)
I used the lyrics posted on their website:
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