The Fleetwoods - Outside My Window chords

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Outside My Window:The Fleetwoods.
#28 on BB Hot 100 on DOLTON Records 
in 1960.

INTRO: Bb Bbm Bb Bbm

Outside my window, you're walkin by with 
Bbm     Bb
someone new..(outside my window.)
Bb                                   Bbm
Outside my window, the way I used to walk 
with you..(outside my window.)
Smilin' while you're walkin, laughin' while 
you're talkin', happy as can be.
With your arm around him, you're so glad you 
           F                   Eb    Bb
found never once look up to see me.

Bb                            Bbm          Bb
Inside my window, I'm just as sad as I can be.
(Inside my window.)
Bb        Bbm     Bb          F          Bbm     Bb
Inside my window, I'm wishin' you'd come back to me.
(Inside my window.)
Some day if you're lonely and you want me only..
here's what to do..(what should I do?)
F                              Bb                
Call me, my darlin'..(darlin') outside my window..
F                                    Bb
and I'll come runnin'..(runnin') you.

Eb      Bb                Eb      Bb         Eb
Oooooo..ooooo..outside my window..outside my window..
Gm     Bb            F      Bb

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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